Christmas cheer!

December 21, 2008

OK, so living in DC can be both a curse and a blessing. Sometimes I’m two seconds away from throwing in the towel and moving, then you see things like this. The Australian Embassy is right around the corner from our apartment, and while walking past it the other night Melissa and I saw the best light display I’ve seen in a while. It’s not massive, just clever. Hope you can see the red nose.

Merry Christmas Mate!

Merry Christmas Mate!

Meanwhile, back at the TARDIS, Melissa and I exchanged gifts early as we’re traveling to Nashvegas to spend Christmas with my mom. We decided to open pressies from her family and I have to point out the clever little bit from Mel’s mom. I’m a big Christmas Story fan, saw it in the theater as a kid, and have been trying to con Mel into getting a leg lamp for years- not gonna happen. Anyway, Mel’s mom knows I love hitting the mom-n-pop coffee shop around the corner and since they don’t do gift cards like Charbucks, she opted for the direct route. Cash. The delivery was my fave bit, as it had a little card that simply said “Coffee Cash”- sorry for the blurry photos, the caffeine has kicked in, besides I only draw in focus.

I cant put my arms down!

I can't put my arms down!

Hot damn! Im a coffee man!

Hot damn! I'm a coffee man!


Woof, woof, woof = Ho, ho, ho

December 18, 2008

OK, this post isn’t so much about my art as it is just art. Let me preface it by saying that the man involved is not only a rock-n-roll legend, but a friend. He taught me as much as my father, if not more, about courting the fairer sex. Considering the number of marriages under his belt, he’d have to know something. It’s kind of a fishing philosophy though, and more of the “catch and release” type. Regardless, he seems to have found his soul mate, someone who takes his lighthearted approach to all things, and this includes his annual Christmas card. This has become something we look forward to every year, but this one has set the bar terribly high. Keep in mind, he is a joker, a wine lover, a softhearted soul, and all around great guy… but a lousy Santa. It is, however, not the sort of thing you expect a rock-n-roll legend to do. I give you, Hall of Fame great Phil Everly. You gotta love this guy.  Happy Holidays!

Daily Blab

December 14, 2008

Hey gang,

This is the second post on my pathetic blog. Just to update everyone, I’ve been working on IDW comic’s : GI Joe movie prequel and Titan Publishing’s adaptation of Dreamworks’:Monsters Vs. Aliens.

GI Joe is a four issue mini-series with each book a story about one of the main characters from the film; some about good guys, some bad. The first is about Duke (guest-starring Ripcord), the second Destro, and the third is the Baroness. I don’t know yet who the fourth issue is about, but stay tuned.IDW is doing a series based on the old Marvel storyline, but these are of the movie versions and will have my attempts at putting the likenesses of the actors to use.

Monsters Vs Aliens is an adpatation of the film from Dreamworks. I’m only doing issue three and luckily Gary Erskine (who inked my first work on Titan’s : Dreamworks Tales / Shrek) is back making my stuff look awesome! Check out Gary’s work at…


Once I get permission, or after the books hit the stands, I’ll start posting some images from all the books. Keep coming back to see what’s going on. Hopefully I’ll be better about posting.

Until then, have a great holiday and cheers!