June 24, 2015

After our 10th anniversary over in Hawaii, you gotta know that mom ended up getting a present. And any package for mom, has to have a custom decoration. What could be better than a Wackiki Wabbit?



Remember gang, I’ll be at Heroes Con June 19-21, and sitting at Artist Alley table AA-305! Drop by, check out show, chat a bit, maybe get a sketch, and bring those books to be devalued with my autograph!

See you there!



June 12, 2015

Here’s the cover for the Death of Snake Eyes. This is probably the cover I’m most pleased with. Both the pencils and the inks. Keep your ears open, there may be news regarding this one.


And here I was taking Krav all these years from punks. I should’ve gone out and found a hero to show me the ropes; or is that rope-a-dope?


Here are the pencils for the big funeral spread of 214, apparently it’s been getting buzz. They even used it as a wrap around cover on the second printing. Wish they’d told me that, I’d have sold the originals as a double cover! ;¬P



Later I’ll post the pencils from the cover of 213, and when 215 comes out, I’ll post the cover for that, and the newest member of the team.