I did not know that Pilgrims were from the planet Plymouth, and that stuffing was mined, but thanks to South Park and the History channel I now know better.

What are you thankful for? Well, I’m thankful I’ll be spending Thanksgiving night as a guest at a friend’s house, and not here! That’s because the weekend dad upstairs can’t seem to explain bed-time, or the difference between a playground and an apartment, to his obnoxious kids! Grrrr…

Have a peaceful, and QUIET, Thanksgiving!

Keep on trukin’

November 17, 2011

While the wave is going in my direction, I thought I’d alert my loyal readers (numbering about four— my mom, my wife, my Krav partner, and… ok, three) on another shout out concerning my Joe work. This one is from the site…

They’ve posted a quick little review of GI Joe: Real American Hero #172 on their site. Check it out when you get a second.

Toot- toot

November 12, 2011

There’s a 10 page preview of the upcoming GI Joe:Real American Hero issue 172 on Newsarama. Check it out… then go buy it! Ha ha hee, heh… no, seriously.

You’ll see the final of the cover over at Newsarama, but here’s my cover in it’s pencil stage.  Enjoy!

Darklon in chains!