My Joe Debut!

December 7, 2010

Hitting comic stands this week will be the first issue of my run on IDW’s G.I.Joe: Real American Hero written by Larry Hama, which continues the run of the original series. Although these are coming out at the last minute, here are samples of the first few pages from issue 161. As I told fans on the Joe boards, it was my intent to create work that would fit in with the previous look and continuity of the series, while having an updated and fresh feel overall. I hope fans will notice (and like) my contemporary tweaks to the characters, for as I tell friends, I want it to feel like a movie, with sets and props worthy of the material. To paraphrase Bogie, I hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Enjoy, and look for the book on stands soon!



December 6, 2010

So the Cobra series from IDW got a shout out from G4, which is great. I worked on the latest issue, helping out by filling in on 8 pages. Of course the only interior art they show during the video is mine, totally subbing Antonio Fuso who has been busting his hump on the series as the regular artist. I feel so guilty, but hey – he did do the cover. Still, feeling guilty.

They don’t allow embedding the video so you’ll have to jump to it. Sorry.

Blair Butler of G4 likes her some Cobra!