Real men, draw men

February 27, 2014

Das right! I said it!

It’s always amusing to me to walk into a life drawing session, see a male model, and then watch the procession of sour faced male artists slowly sneak out of the room; this is especially true with older male models. Why? WTF? You’re there to practice drawing from life, correct? What sort of fantasy world do you make art in that you only need to depict attractive, young women? Oh wait… never mind.

Hell I draw comics… let me say that again… C-O-M-I-C-S, and we’re vilified over the idea that all we draw are big breasted women (although they never mention how all the men are bodybuilder muscular types who are desexed— but that’s another rant); yet even we have to draw other people in our books. Next to babies, who better for a hero to save than an old man or woman?

I look forward to drawing all sorts of people. Mom always said the male body wasn’t the most pleasant thing to look at, so I love rendering out the gentle curve of a beautiful woman’s body. But it’s also a fun challenge to sketch someone who is past their prime, put on a few too many pounds, or just has a unique shape.

That said, the other night was a great challenge, as an older man was the model. He was barrel chested, had a face like a NY cabbie, with chicken legs. Know what? He was fantastic! This guy held poses with the best of em that are half his age. He brought props, from umbrellas, hats, golf clubs, an oar, even a cigar! He was a riot. He took up poses most dancers wouldn’t try to hold.


He did some standards, like sitting in a chair… 10min


Or sitting on the ground… 20 min.


He earned this sitting pose after the one he did seen in the drawing at bottom of the page… 30min




The last sketch is of a pose he did with a golf club, and he held it for 30 minutes; this guy earned every buck. He was priceless, and I learned a lot drawing him. From how the body changes, to the way it maintains balance with additional weight.



So next time you walk into a session, and the model isn’t the hope you had in mind when you went; shut up, sit down, and learn something.

Larry in his own words

February 25, 2014

One question I’m often asked is, “How much does Larry tell you about upcoming plots?” This interview with Larry on CBR should answer that, and many other questions. With the release of #200 only weeks away, the time for gearing up to it, is upon us.


(If the link doesn’t work …



Life Drawing Feb 2014

February 19, 2014

Cause you can never get enough practice at this. Glad she let her hair down (no pun intended), models don’t do it enough.





I feel like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree thanks to the kind words from the fellas over at General Joes about the cover to issue 200! Thanks guys, it means a lot.

Now lets all hope Larry gets well soon! Silly man, I told him he shouldn’t be playing for the Irish rugby team anymore— but does he listen to me? No.

As The Tick says, “I’m not making it up, I’m making it good.”


The Super Bpwl is over, winter is getting on our nerves, and the Russians can’t get an Olympics worth a poop put together, so why not hit a comic show instead?! I’ll be at the Clarion Hotel (3207 N Blvd) in Richmond on Sunday for the VA Con! The legendary Herb Trimpe (THE original GI Joe artist/co-creator of Wolverine!) and I will be doing sketches, signing books, and annoying people all day.

Come on down and check it out!