February 26, 2009

So as you saw in my last post, I did a drawing of a friend’s wife for him, as a present to her. He’s been overly kind by giving me a couple of awesome books as gifts in return. Well, add to that this fantastic drawing he did of my wife! We love it, he even got the right her boxing gloves in there! 


Picture Pages, picture pages!

Picture Pages, picture pages!

Not Just a pretty super hero

February 10, 2009

I didn’t want people, who don’t know me, to think ALL I draw is super heroes. Since I was a kid, I’ve loved art, not just comics, but all art. That’s a philosophy I got from my father who was a successful studio drummer, he loved music… all music. So I’m not one of these people who only loves representational art, or only abstract work, but I try to remain open to all art. In a conversation with a friend from art school he said something that really became my mantra- I just love well done art. One of my faves is Henri Toulouse Lautrec, especially his drawings, and one technique in particular. He loved to do simple images on craft paper with charcoal and white paint, allowing the brown of the paper to be his middle ground- I love those. He wasn’t the first or only artist to do this, but his were the ones that made the impression on me- little art humor there. So when a friend asked me to do a sketch of his wife, I instantly knew what method I’d be using. Likenesses are always difficult for me, as my stress levels sky-rocket in the fear of not capturing the best qualities of the subject. Needless to say, I rarely try drawing my wife- since I love her, so here’s Gonzalo’s wife, Jenn, instead, since I only like her. 😛 He says he loves it, I hope you will too.


Final art

February 3, 2009

Here is the final art for this page, so now you can see how I’ve taken the script, designed the thumbnail, and finally the finished pencils. There were some small tweaks along the way, and not everything is perfect.  I try not to go back and look thru pages with an overly picky eye. All a person can do is their best effort given all the restrictions and obligations on any particular day. I can’t tell you what happened that day, my arm might have been sore, I might have had a headache, or maybe it was the best I’d felt in years- really doesn’t matter. The point is I had a page to do that day, and this is what I got done. Some artists will slave over something for days- that’s not how I work. I try to do quality work in a limited timeframe, there will always be someone who thinks it stinks, and others who love it. Enjoy.