Real American Hero #165

April 18, 2011

Out soon- take a gander!

Didn't do this cover, but starting with 167 you'll be getting an eye full!

Aw, and just when it was getting good. Hope you check it out when it hits the stands. Until then— 🙂

The Only Bad Press…

April 8, 2011

Is NO press. Or so the saying goes. My wife might disagree, and my in-laws, and everyone I knew in Oklahoma. Oh well…

The Oklahoman

And it seems things are moving fast… first it was CNN, now it’s…

ABC News

And I guess since Oklahoma still lays claim to me, then Italy says they can too! Well, my grandfather was Italian…


Hey gang, I made the national news! For once it doesn’t involve the word  “ponzi”! Wait, or was that “Fonzie”? Either way- check out CNN!