Old watercolor set

found in a drawer

I tried to use them

need to practice more




FYI-These were done on a postcard watercolor block, @ 4″ x 6″


In less than 30 minutes I’ll be at the new Fantom Comics on P street in Dupont- come one down! So says Sasquatch!




Since I’m one of the many NOT at San Diego Comic Con this year (or any year), I’ll be appearing at the NEW Fantom Comics on P street in my own backyard of Dupont Circle in DC, on Saturday, July 26th! They’re opening their new store this weekend, and I’ll be appearing with Matt Dembicki from 1-4pm; so come on down and grab some comics!





Lil package art

July 7, 2014

If you’re from the country where the grape is grown, keep your eyes on the skies! The crow flies at midnight! I’m talking to you, mom and mum!

Mail_Art_Bill Mail_Art_DM



In honor of the 4th of July, the digital versions of my entire run on GI Joe:Real American Hero (up to issue 203) are¬†currently on sale over at Comixology and thru IDW’s own app; both singles and collected trades! Time to stock up!