Dr. Drawlittle

September 30, 2014

For a friend’s birthday, we went to the National Zoo to do some sketching. This was well timed, as it fit in with my recent attempts to improve my “dino” drawing skills. One thing I learned, just like with sketching the human figure, you need to warm up to it. I think it’s obvious… we shouldn’t have kicked off the day with the cheetahs; they were moving around a lot. As my friend Steve said, “We should have started with the 200 year old tortoises”. Oh well.

Side note, that weird squiggle between heads in the panda sketches… those are teeth. They’re all cute and cuddly until you see the fangs on them, not to mention the massive claws. Thank goodness the sucker likes eating bamboo over meat.

A shout out to the staff at the National Zoo for not yelling at me when I dropped my pencil into the elephant enclosure. As anyone who reads this blog regularly might know… I don’t do well with staff at most of these places; so it was a pleasant surprise not to get chewed out by staff for once.


All this tells me…

September 22, 2014

Is that I need more practice at dinosaurs. Help me Obi-White Kenobi, you’re my only hope.


Dinos_00 Zilla_01

Check out the new Punchface!!! comic over on, the great, Ned Hartley’s page! Ned’s a brilliant editor, writer, and all around good guy! He graciously allowed me to ruin… er, draw, the latest installment for his character Punchface!!!. In this issue, we see Sgt. Punchface!!! squaring off against Adolf and his cronies! Check it out!

If the button doesn’t work, copy and paste this…


And as an incentive, here’s a little teaser with the pencils from page 1!



Baltimore Con is GO!!!

September 4, 2014

Baltimore Comic Con

Starting tomorrow, and until Sunday, you can find me at the Baltimore Convention Center, for Baltimore Comic Con! Comic greats like Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Dave Gibbons, Alan Davis, and Adam Hughes (good luck getting a sketch) will be there, plus Chewy himself… Peter Mayhew!

Don’t forget, Friday is my birthday– so I’ll gladly be accepting cash and booze!

Hope to see you there- whoever you are.