GI Joe CVR #187

November 20, 2012

Well it seems like they’ve put up the cover to #187 over at Newsarama, so I thought I’d post the pencil version here for those who care to see it. Enjoy!



November 16, 2012

Robert Atkins Art, Chuck Dixon and I are half off! Sort of— the re-imagined G.I.Joe universe written by Chuck Dixon, and illustrated by Robert Atkins and myself. Like the lottery, let me recommend the numbers 7,8,9,10,11,12,18 &19… the rest are good too, but those are Galltastic! The thing I enjoy about this work is that the pages were colored over my scanned pencils, so this is about as close to my intended look for artwork as you can get from my Joe runs. Hopefully I’ve improved since then, but it’s still fun to look at for that reason alone. It’s only a three day sale- so buy, Buy, BUY!



Life drawing- Nov 2012

November 12, 2012

I’ve drawn this model before, and he’s really good. The guy is like a statue, with very little “drift” during a pose. Some people are almost in a totally different one by the end, although that doesn’t bother me now like it did when I was younger; I see it as a chance to study the various ways the body distributes weight in similar stances (the trick is drawing them fast enough to get it all down). Anyway, this guy is like a 3D photograph, and he makes my job easy.

I loved his early gesture poses (:30 – a minute), they had a lot of movement and some were very heroic.

Even when he upped the time to 5 minutes, he kept that quality to them while always keeping the silhouette open.

Then we changed to longer poses, starting at 10 and moving up in time from there. On the 10, I switched to ink with a pencil under drawing.

Then at 20 I started to add tones with markers.

Then 30—

…and the last being 50 minutes, so I can’t blame him for doing a reclining pose.

GI Joe Cover i186- pencils

November 6, 2012

I don’t know if others like to see the originals of pages like I do, but if you happen to, and if you enjoy/tolerate my work, then you might also enjoy seeing the pencils of my work. I used to do this in the past, but for some unknown reason I stopped; so lets give this another go. After IDW releases the final version of a page, I’ll try to post the pencil versions for some of them here. No spoilers, sorry, it’s all for fun.

Here’s the penciled version of the cover for i186- the interiors issue will be drawn by the great Ron Wagner!