June 12, 2015

Here’s the cover for the Death of Snake Eyes. This is probably the cover I’m most pleased with. Both the pencils and the inks. Keep your ears open, there may be news regarding this one.


Here are the pencils for the big funeral spread of 214, apparently it’s been getting buzz. They even used it as a wrap around cover on the second printing. Wish they’d told me that, I’d have sold the originals as a double cover! ;¬P



Later I’ll post the pencils from the cover of 213, and when 215 comes out, I’ll post the cover for that, and the newest member of the team.


214 – raw

June 5, 2015

For those who might be interested- the pencils for the cover of 214. Monday, the big spread!


Herb Trimpe- 1939-2015

April 15, 2015

There are guys in any industry that define it, and Herb was one of those. I only spoke to him a few times, but he was always kind and supportive of my work on GI Joe. It was never a feeling that I was replacing him on the series, rather it was about trying hard as hell to even measure up to what he had done. He was the standard, I ought to know, I’ve copied his classic cover enough times.

Most people will remember him for co-creating Wolverine (which I still like his version best, even though he just drew the first appearance), but I remember him for the rest of his work on the Hulk, and my guilty pleasure… Godzilla.

Rest well Herb. I hope you’re flying high, we’ll miss you.


Me and the Man




This coming weekend, I’ll be appearing at the VA Comiccon, in Richmond. It’s a one day show (Sunday, Aug 31), so don’t miss it! I’ll be hanging out with all the gang, and hopefully getting my Mekong on! If you’re from Richmond, that needs no explanation! See you there!

If not, then look for me the following weekend at Baltimore Con, bothering Jeremy “Skyward” Dale and his lovely wife Kelly, and the famous Jose Luis Garcia Lopez; the most huggable looking comic artist alive.