April 17, 2014

That Captain America, the Hulk, and the Bionic Man… all work for the same people. This is the building that the Bionic Woman and Man go to for a tune up from government scientist Rudy Wells… OSI Lab But then this is the building the government scientist, researching the aging formula from “Captain America:Death Too Soon”, is kidnapped from. Cap_Amer_Death Too Soon   It looks a lot like the same building where Dr. Banner does his gamma research! Banner Office If that’s not enough, I’m pretty sure Oscar Goldman is (ultimately) Wonder Woman’s boss. I mean we never see the main official on Wonder Woman, just hear his voice on a TV monitor (or maybe it’s Charlie of the Townsend Investigations Agency); but Steve Trevor is Diana Prince/Wonder Woman’s boss, and when the government buys office furniture they tend to do it in bulk. This is Oscar Goldman’s office from the Bionic Man- note the desk. Oscars Off And here’s Steve Trevor’s office from Wonder Woman— looks like he got the junior executive version. Steve Trevors Office Wouldn’t it make more sense to just have a “costumed heroes” division and keep everyone under the same roof? Maybe a specific building? Like this? Hall Justice

Hey gang,

As you make your plans for the holiday weekend, keep in mind, the rabbit doesn’t come out until Sunday. Sure, Friday is your last chance to chow down on that Catholic “vegetable” combo of fish-n-chips, but what else is there to look forward to this weekend?

AWESOME CON of course!

Awesome iCon


Not only will Billie Piper of Doctor Who, and Danai Gurira of the Walking Dead be there, but (especially for guys my age) the most important is that Erin Gray of Buck Rogers will be there! Two words… hubbah, hubbah!



But if that’s not enough to get your attention, then come by the show and wander about until you find me. I’ll be sitting there staring at the walls with books to sell, sketches to do (hopefully), and authorized nerd confab. You’ll also find Steve Conley selling his great comic Bloop, Carolyn Belefski selling her strip Curls, and the great cartoonist Steve Artley— come on, he’s got “art” in his name… what more do you need?




Bionic Too

April 11, 2014

Hardcore fans know this (but casual viewers may not) that Darren McGavin (famous for being the father in A Christmas Story) was in the original pilot movie for the Six Million Dollar Man. His character, Oliver Spencer, was the official at the OSI who decided to convert injured astronaut, Steve Austin, into a bionic man. More commonly known might be that Ted Cassidy (famous as the butler Lurch from TVs Addams Family) replaced famous wrestler, Andre the Giant, as the character Bigfoot in the show. Apparently, Andre hated the costume, and it’s Mr. Cassidy’s likeness, while in the notorious makeup of Bigfoot, that most of the merchandise (including the awesome action figure) of Bigfoot are based on. Lastly, Jennifer Darling, who played trouble prone secretary Peggy Callahan to OSI’s Oscar Goldman, has gone on to a successful career as a voice actor, being heard in films and tv shows like Monsters, Inc. and Curious George respectively.

What’s the point? Well, you can’t do a Six Million Dollar Man comic without all the supporting characters… maybe later I’ll decide which version of Rudy Wells to include. Granted, I think it’s just a Top Secret code name given to the lead researcher for security reasons, which would explain why we had three different guys in the role. Maybe I’m just over thinking it.

Bionic Man_Sketches_v03

Wishful thinking…

April 7, 2014

If you don’t recognize the character below, then either —

A) I didn’t get the likenesses close enough.

B) I did get the likenesses, but you’re not old enough to know who/what actor/series they depict.

Regardless, I would love to work on this series for a little bit, not just from getting my nostalgia on, but also the challenge of a period piece. Remember… no cell phones, no laptops, big collars, flared pants, Farrah waves, and clunky cars.

Sigh. One can only hope.

Bionic Man_Sketches_v02_LR