Awesome Con:UPDATE

May 28, 2015


So apparently my space at Awesome Con is I-6, not 16. I’ll be in Artist Alley on the beginning of the row, next to Colorworld Comics’ Rachel Kelly!

Remember, I’m at two events on Saturday! The first is the “Mainstream vs. Independents” panel at 2:45 in Room 156, and then later I’ll be participating in the Quick Sketch Charity Auction at 6:30 in Room 142!

For those more visually inclined, here’s a map (idea stolen from Kata (Altar Girl) Kane, who can be found at F4)


Sadly, I’ll have to backpedal on some of those pages and covers available, cause I can’t sell what hasn’t been released yet, D’oh! As River Song says, “Spoilers, darling!”

Hope to see you all there!

Vicious little Bit…

June 24, 2014

One of our favorite shows out of the UK, Vicious, is finally coming to PBS on Sunday, June 29th (10:30e/9:30c), so check your local listings! Mel is such a big fan she added it to her “We should do lunch” list of her Twiter feed; where she puts all the people she’d love to meet and hang out with if dreams came true. To her (and my) surprise, the gang at Vicious gave her a shout out. Seriously, it’s a great, funny show starring Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, plus an amazing supporting cast. You’ll be sorry if you miss it, but doing yourself a favor if you don’t!



Rik Mayall 1958-2014

June 9, 2014

We lost one who was so young, and talented, today— Rik Mayall. I was a fan from the first episode of the Young Ones that I saw on MTV, thru The Comic Strip, New Statesman, the Dangerous Bros, to Bottom, and he always made me laugh. He’s a huge reason for my love affair with Britcoms, so thank you sir, and rest well.


In honor of the Pride Parade in DC this weekend, I thought I’d share a little love from one of my all time favorite sit-comix NextWave! Funny bit written by Warren Ellis, but Stuart Immonen nailed it with his inclusion of the Human Rights Campaign logo.

Next Wave


April 17, 2014

That Captain America, the Hulk, and the Bionic Man… all work for the same people. This is the building that the Bionic Woman and Man go to for a tune up from government scientist Rudy Wells… OSI Lab But then this is the building the government scientist, researching the aging formula from “Captain America:Death Too Soon”, is kidnapped from. Cap_Amer_Death Too Soon   It looks a lot like the same building where Dr. Banner does his gamma research! Banner Office If that’s not enough, I’m pretty sure Oscar Goldman is (ultimately) Wonder Woman’s boss. I mean we never see the main official on Wonder Woman, just hear his voice on a TV monitor (or maybe it’s Charlie of the Townsend Investigations Agency); but Steve Trevor is Diana Prince/Wonder Woman’s boss, and when the government buys office furniture they tend to do it in bulk. This is Oscar Goldman’s office from the Bionic Man- note the desk. Oscars Off And here’s Steve Trevor’s office from Wonder Woman— looks like he got the junior executive version. Steve Trevors Office Wouldn’t it make more sense to just have a “costumed heroes” division and keep everyone under the same roof? Maybe a specific building? Like this? Hall Justice