Daily Blab

December 14, 2008

Hey gang,

This is the second post on my pathetic blog. Just to update everyone, I’ve been working on IDW comic’s : GI Joe movie prequel and Titan Publishing’s adaptation of Dreamworks’:Monsters Vs. Aliens.

GI Joe is a four issue mini-series with each book a story about one of the main characters from the film; some about good guys, some bad. The first is about Duke (guest-starring Ripcord), the second Destro, and the third is the Baroness. I don’t know yet who the fourth issue is about, but stay tuned.IDW is doing a series based on the old Marvel storyline, but these are of the movie versions and will have my attempts at putting the likenesses of the actors to use.

Monsters Vs Aliens is an adpatation of the film from Dreamworks. I’m only doing issue three and luckily Gary Erskine (who inked my first work on Titan’s : Dreamworks Tales / Shrek) is back making my stuff look awesome! Check out Gary’s work at…

Web: http://www.garyerskine.demon.co.uk
Blog: http://www.garyerskine.blogspot.com

Once I get permission, or after the books hit the stands, I’ll start posting some images from all the books. Keep coming back to see what’s going on. Hopefully I’ll be better about posting.

Until then, have a great holiday and cheers!


4 Responses to “Daily Blab”

  1. Jennifer said

    I think the fourth issue should be about The Personal Winebuyer guy. What was that character’s name again?

    Post some of your other work on the blog, SLG.

  2. Brian Winkeler said

    What’s this? Shannon’s actually telling his peeps about stuff going on? It’s a madhouse! A maaaaadhouuuuuuse!

    Just so you know, I’m still trying to track down that g-d MACK BOLAN TP. Never saw one issue of the g-d miniseries.

    Will IDW actually be releasing these JOE books in stores or will it just be vaguely discussed in urban legendy terms?

    And I’m glad somebody found a good inker for you instead of the chimps with cataracts that inked your AVENGERS stuff. I’ve actually heard of this Erskine guy.

    Now if you really want to share good things with the people, you’d send them to http://www.bastardroad.com and tell ’em to check our Bastard blog. You keep this thing updated and I’ll take it as a challenge to update the Bastard blog more, mmmkay?

  3. richard said

    Hey Shannon,

    Nice to hear from you.

    And I’m looking forward to the updates.

    Funny, I’ve been working on a Blog of my own

    Soon to come.

    Richard Jenkins

  4. Jim said

    As this is obviously new to you Shannon, we’ll allow for the limited visual content. But dang it all… we are all going to want (and deserve) more stuff from ya! Stop handing it out with an eyedropper son!! Show us some of that stuff (that’s allowed), heck even if it’s old work!

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