Woof, woof, woof = Ho, ho, ho

December 18, 2008

OK, this post isn’t so much about my art as it is just art. Let me preface it by saying that the man involved is not only a rock-n-roll legend, but a friend. He taught me as much as my father, if not more, about courting the fairer sex. Considering the number of marriages under his belt, he’d have to know something. It’s kind of a fishing philosophy though, and more of the “catch and release” type. Regardless, he seems to have found his soul mate, someone who takes his lighthearted approach to all things, and this includes his annual Christmas card. This has become something we look forward to every year, but this one has set the bar terribly high. Keep in mind, he is a joker, a wine lover, a softhearted soul, and all around great guy… but a lousy Santa. It is, however, not the sort of thing you expect a rock-n-roll legend to do. I give you, Hall of Fame great Phil Everly. You gotta love this guy.  Happy Holidays!


4 Responses to “Woof, woof, woof = Ho, ho, ho”

  1. Adele said

    Is this you, Shannon? Let me know!

  2. richard said

    Crazy picture, Shannon!
    He did set the bar very high.
    Richard J

  3. tom said

    what is that dog doing with my wine???

  4. Lisa said

    Tom, you’ve got enough wine to get everyone in town drunk. You need to learn to share.

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