Back at it

July 16, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a drawing session, and recently I had the chance to get back to it. Here’s a few of my efforts.

First up, some traditional pencil —



And now, a similar approach, but with markers mixed in.

As you may have read here a few weeks ago, I’m participating in a fund raising event for  John “The Cran” Randall. Mr. Randall had to close his comic shop, Land of Cran Comics, after being diagnosed with lymphoma. To help pay his mounting medical expenses family, friends, and patrons organized a benefit auction. That auction starts today Friday, March 25th. Remember though, they are also auctioning off artwork by…

  • Robert Atkins (GI Joe)
  • Darryl Banks (Green Lantern)
  • Jeremy Dale (GI Joe, Skyward, Absolute Zeros)
  • Todd Dezago (Tellos, Perhapanauts, Super Hero Squad)
  • Tom Feister (GI Joe Origins, Ex Machina)
  • Gene Gonzales (Pin-Up Artist)
  • Scott James (Mutants and Masterminds)
  • Comfort Love and Adam Withers (Mutants and Masterminds, the Uniques)
  • Todd Nauck (Young Justice, Wild Guard and Amazing Spider-Man)
  • Joe Pekar (Pin-Up artist)
  • Craig Rousseau (Perhapanauts, X-Men First Class)
  • Neil Gaiman (Stardust, American Gods, Anansi, Sandman, Black Orchid)

Additionally Dark Horse, IDW, DC Comics have donated items, and there are even some movie props.

You can still read more about what’s going on, and being done for John, at the blog Cran Man. I hope you all will check out the items available, and remember that your purchase goes to help out a guy who has served, and is loved by, his community. The auction they organized in his honor attests to that.

CLICK HERE to jump to the ebay auction for my image.

If you forgot, here’s what it looks like…

Hubba hubba

My thanks to everyone who bids, and passes this post along those who might.


Scarlet- quick shot

March 2, 2011

This was a fast sketch for the outside of an envelope, so it’s only about 4″ tall. Not as tight as the last one- but hope you like it.



Final color

Scarlet Commission

February 27, 2011

So people don’t think I’ve completely forgotten about the blog, here’s another commission I did of Scarlet, only in pencil. There, blog post done, must go.

Stoic, play it stoic.

Evolution of a sketch

November 25, 2010


As a treat, here’s the evolution of a recent sketch. I was asked to do a character that, on the surface, is an intergalactic hunter; but in reality he’s sort of a tongue-in-cheek type goof.

The first effort was less than spot on- I got the hunter bit, but not so much the silliness of the character.

Cause ever bad guy needs a megaphone-

So I was asked to alter it a bit, hoping for more of a whacky flavor. I wasn’t sure if I should go completely dopey by having him make a non-threatening face or not. I wanted him to seem more crazy than dorky, so I opted for the rabid dog face.

Bad dog- no biscuit

So with approval it was time to move onto inks. I wanted the dialogue he was screaming into the megaphone to be airy in appearance, so I didn’t give it an inked outline, allowing it to float more.

Set in stone, no backing out now

And lastly to color. The problem here is that despite how awesome Copic markers are (nice product placement) the red hues always over saturate the paper. To control things a bit more, I end up applying colors via a colorless blender. Then I set the color down in waves and not straight from the source pen. I have an idea about how to get around this, but that’s for a later post. (If it works) Right now I have to be careful not to saturate the paper with the blender because if that happens then the color bleeds into areas I don’t want it in. It’s a trade off, but for now it’s the solution I’m most comfortable with.

Mama don't take my Kodachrome away!

Now off to eat my weight in turkey!