Here are the last for a while.

The first was a painting by Rembrandt van Rijn from 1660, “Portrait of a Gentleman with a Tall Hat and Gloves”, or as I call it- “Hank”- oh why not? At least it’s a shorter title.

Rembrandt: "Portrait of a Gentleman with a Tall Hat and Gloves" c.1660

The second is from a painting of Se├▒ora Sabasa Garcia, by Francisco de Goya in 1811. I never quite got the head right, it’s a bit elongated, there were a lot of tourists getting in my way during this one, but that’s no excuse for sloppy work. Oh well, not everything is a masterpiece. ­čśŤ

Francisco de Goya : "Se├▒ora Sabasa Garcia" c. 1811

The last painting of the day was Lady Elizabeth Delme and Her Children by Sir Joshua Reynolds from 1779. I loved the little girl’s face and since I bailed on the dog from the Sargent painting (in my last art post) I decided to tackle this mutt. Thought it came out… ok.

Sir Joshua Reynolds : "Lady Elizabeth Delm├ę and Her Children" c.1779

The last is actually from a small bronze by Pierre-Eugene-Emile H├ębert the Amazon Preparing for Battle from the late 1800s. It was the last of the day and I had to leave so I didn’t get everything in, but I loved the drapery on this one.

Pierre-Eugene-Emile H├ębert : "Amazon Preparing for Battle" cast 1882

OK- that’s the end of these for a while. I’m back on to my GI Joe assignments- so it may be a bit before I get anything like these up here again. Until next time- enjoy.