OK the title alone will probably get me on every FBI watchlist available (as if my internet searches haven’t done that already), but I’m getting ready, for in a month I’ll be at the HeroesCon in Charlotte. Every year two things happen there– they have an auction of original art to help off-set the cost of the show, and Shelton Drum (organizer and owner of Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find) never remembers my name. I figure if I start pulling in a little money at the auction, maybe… just maybe, he’ll start to recognize me and call me “Shane? Sam? Shamus? Sean? (God no!)” — well it would be a start.

Below is the pencil work for the image I’m putting in the auction this year, to kickstart that recognition from Shelton. The piece is larger than I normally work, at 11 x 17; and those of you who know me will vouch that I usually draw my pages, sketches, commissions, and other auction images at 8.5 x 11. If you’re in the Charlotte area the first weekend of June, come by the show and bid on it.

I’ll post the inks and gray washes for this image as completed… that is if I don’t end up doing them the night before I leave for the show! ;¬P

Remember, Shelton knowing me is half the battle!

Pencils for the HeroesCon auction!