Sad weekend-

March 4, 2012

Two artistic greats passed away this week, and their influence can not be ignored. Both were inspirations to countless others, and shall be for generations to come— I don’t doubt. My childhood can be summed up by heroes and sic-fi movies, and with that I bid farewell to…

Sheldon Moldoff

The man who drew Batman longer than any other, more than Bob Kane the creator, or Dick Sprang. His work defined the character for more than a decade and his work can still be felt in the character today.


And Ralph McQuarrie

If it wasn’t for him, Star Wars might not be the phenomena that it became. His preproduction art helped to sell the idea to studios, and defined the look of the film. It wasn’t the only work he was known for, but it would be a lie to say it won’t be the one he’s remembered for.

Rest well gentlemen- you’ve earned it.