So Geeks of Doom has given the Real American Hero series another shout out. Granted Ron Wagner is the majority force on this issue (helping us stay on schedule), but he deserves every bit of love that comes his way! If you have an interest- head on over to the Geeks of Doom site for the run down on the latest issue. Tune in for  #174 where I take over on the art chores completely with a big tank battle between Joe/Oktober Guard and the evil forces of Cobraaaaaaa! (dah-dom-Daaaaah!)

Here’s a preview for the latest Joe issue, hitting stands tomorrow (Feb 8), so consider this a little Valentine’s Day present from me. I do want to point out that¬†Ron Wagner pitched in and penciled a few pages for this issue, so for the 20K fans, this book has art by a slew of the classic creators! I hope everyone out there gives it a look thru and that you like it enough to pick it up at your local shop.

Thanks for looking!

Herb Trimpe cover!

Larry Hama's sketch variant for the Trimpe cover

Rod Whigham variant cover

Pesky credits page