Check out the new Punchface!!! comic over on, the great, Ned Hartley’s page! Ned’s a brilliant editor, writer, and all around good guy! He graciously allowed me to ruin… er, draw, the latest installment for his character Punchface!!!. In this issue, we see Sgt. Punchface!!! squaring off against Adolf and his cronies! Check it out!

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And as an incentive, here’s a little teaser with the pencils from page 1!




November 21, 2013

My friend Ned Hartley has gathered drawings, pin-ups, and strips of his creation Punchface!!! done by his cohorts, and put them in a new comic from his imprint Heartless Comics. If you can grab a copy… do it! Or Ned might punch you in the face!

Here’s a peak of my shot at Punchface!!! that you’ll find in the book.


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More Birthday wishes-

October 22, 2010

Two of my editors at Titan Books in the UK recently had birthdays, one is the inspiration for the comic strip/blog Punchface!!!

Punchface!!! doesn't take Birthdays sitting on his hands!

And one of my other fave editors was having her birthday as well, but she’s a big Batwoman fan, and where there’s a pretty girl and Batwoman… well.

Er, um... sorry bout that.

Lastly, for fun, here’s my best Adam Hughes imitation- I wonder why this one didn’t sell?

Well hello there- it's still Breast Cancer month isn't it?

Until next time!