GI Joe CVR #187

November 20, 2012

Well it seems like they’ve put up the cover to #187 over at Newsarama, so I thought I’d post the pencil version here for those who care to see it. Enjoy!


Duke pt2

March 18, 2009

So here are the final pencils for the previous post. The process skipped a bit and went from my hands to the colorist. Normally on a book, the stage after my pencils would be inks. For those who don’t know, that’s when another artist (and I do mean artist) comes in and goes over my pencil lines with ink. This helps the art reproduce properly by cleaning up the images with smooth lines and strong contrast for the printer’s cameras. Usually the inker will also embellish the page a bit by adding more textures and any details I may have forgotten. A good inker is worth his salt, but sadly because of time and/or money a lot of publishers have been forced to push this practice to the side. I pencil pretty tight, so we can simply scan my work, bump up the contrast in the computer, and allow the colorists to do their magic. Below are the pages in the final pencil stage and then what they look like with color and balloons attached.  Enjoy!



Now the color version of this page.


gij_duke_iss01_p15Here’s the color version.

ayout 1

Final art

February 3, 2009

Here is the final art for this page, so now you can see how I’ve taken the script, designed the thumbnail, and finally the finished pencils. There were some small tweaks along the way, and not everything is perfect.  I try not to go back and look thru pages with an overly picky eye. All a person can do is their best effort given all the restrictions and obligations on any particular day. I can’t tell you what happened that day, my arm might have been sore, I might have had a headache, or maybe it was the best I’d felt in years- really doesn’t matter. The point is I had a page to do that day, and this is what I got done. Some artists will slave over something for days- that’s not how I work. I try to do quality work in a limited timeframe, there will always be someone who thinks it stinks, and others who love it. Enjoy.