Bionic Too

April 11, 2014

Hardcore fans know this (but casual viewers may not) that Darren McGavin (famous for being the father in A Christmas Story) was in the original pilot movie for the Six Million Dollar Man. His character, Oliver Spencer, was the official at the OSI who decided to convert injured astronaut, Steve Austin, into a bionic man. More commonly known might be that Ted Cassidy (famous as the butler Lurch from TVs Addams Family) replaced famous wrestler, Andre the Giant, as the character Bigfoot in the show. Apparently, Andre hated the costume, and it’s Mr. Cassidy’s likeness, while in the notorious makeup of Bigfoot, that most of the merchandise (including the awesome action figure) of Bigfoot are based on. Lastly, Jennifer Darling, who played trouble prone secretary Peggy Callahan to OSI’s Oscar Goldman, has gone on to a successful career as a voice actor, being heard in films and tv shows like Monsters, Inc. and Curious George respectively.

What’s the point? Well, you can’t do a Six Million Dollar Man comic without all the supporting characters… maybe later I’ll decide which version of Rudy Wells to include. Granted, I think it’s just a Top Secret code name given to the lead researcher for security reasons, which would explain why we had three different guys in the role. Maybe I’m just over thinking it.

Bionic Man_Sketches_v03