Yea, yea, went sketching, but not to my normal place. This session was at a functioning gallery, and the model said she was fairly new to it. She didn’t go for extreme poses, and she seemed a little shy, which is understandable, but she was a living statue. She didn’t drift at all, and she was aware of what poses she could, and couldn’t, hold, so that was smart on her part. I’m sure it’s a balance, to push the pose for your audience, but not attempt something you know you can’t pull off. If she sticks with it,  I bet she’ll push the open stances more, but I was impressed with her.

The lighting in the room wasn’t the best, as they set things up in a corner of a gallery space which has work on the walls. All the lights are adjusted for those rather than the model, which made for some weird shadows. When she faced the wall, these old eyes had a bit of a time trying to figure out the backside edges. It did force one to really look at the figure, and the contour of things, and ultimately that’s what I’m supposed to be doing. This place is much more regimented with the poses, starting with short 2-5 min. at first, then a few at 10 and 25, then a last pose of 50.

Here’s the 5 (left side) and a 10 (right side)–


Here are a couple 25—



And the last that at 50. I spent more time blending in my highlights and tweaking my darks since I had extra time, but I’m not sure that’s apparent at this image size. That little spot on her hip was actually a tattoo, and this was the only drawing I included it in— the prerogative of the artist I guess.


Figure that?

March 5, 2011

Ok- so all I’ve been doing, for what seems like forever, is GI Joe or other cartooning images. Recently, I found out that a local drawing group had switched nights which works better with my schedule, so for the first time in a while I got to do a little life drawing. Nothing fancy, but here are my latest efforts. The first is a 10 minute pose.

Ok- that needs a little work, but the next one was a 40 minute pose, with a 5 min. break at the 20 min. mark – that’s really for the model rather than the artists. What’s so hard about sitting? Try not moving at all that long, and see if your legs don’t lock up, fall asleep, and cramp up… as she said they did. Poor girl- but she was a good model.