Life drawing- Nov 2012

November 12, 2012

I’ve drawn this model before, and he’s really good. The guy is like a statue, with very little “drift” during a pose. Some people are almost in a totally different one by the end, although that doesn’t bother me now like it did when I was younger; I see it as a chance to study the various ways the body distributes weight in similar stances (the trick is drawing them fast enough to get it all down). Anyway, this guy is like a 3D photograph, and he makes my job easy.

I loved his early gesture poses (:30 – a minute), they had a lot of movement and some were very heroic.

Even when he upped the time to 5 minutes, he kept that quality to them while always keeping the silhouette open.

Then we changed to longer poses, starting at 10 and moving up in time from there. On the 10, I switched to ink with a pencil under drawing.

Then at 20 I started to add tones with markers.

Then 30—

…and the last being 50 minutes, so I can’t blame him for doing a reclining pose.