Day off?

July 29, 2009

Sort of.

The only time I really have off is when I’m in-between books waiting for approval on thumbnails. Lately I’ve decided to use this time to remind myself of why I like living in DC. Biggest reason? Free galleries! The National Gallery, the American Indian museum (trust me don’t call them and refer to it as the Native American museum- they hate that!), Freer/Sackler, and others.  I love to go down there and do drawings based on the paintings in black and white on a neutral colored paper, usually craft/brown paper. It’s never about reproducing the images, but more about looking at the paintings/art with a detailed eye. Trying to figure out what they did and WHY they did it. Right now there is a Judith Leyster exhibit at the National, which was fun for me. For some reason this style really compliments the Flemish painters and Impressionists – go figure. No more talk… enjoy.

Judith Leyster- Flute player – Original


My version… I made his face too thin, but whaddah you want for 30 minutes?


A Franz Hals- but of course.


My pathetic attempt… needed to puff up his eyes more. Or he needs a trip to Sephora?

After_Franz Hals

A Thomas Eakins…


I never got the face right. Damn kids today.


Lastly, this was done from Rodin terra cotta study, so this was a bit more difficult. Especially since it was in a square case with the corner being exactly in the middle of the face because of the angle I chose.

Not the same angle…


But I tried!


Those pouty darn lips drove me nuts- well that and the Indian couple who kept hovering while I was trying to draw! Grrrrr- tourists!