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Rolling Snake Eyes

October 29, 2010

Long ago in galaxy far, far away… ok, not really, but a while back a reader of the GI Joe books contacted me about obtaining a page from the main series. On the page Scarlet confronts Snake Eyes in his quarters about going AWOL from Joe in search of proof about the existence of COBRA. It’s an emotional scene for Scarlet and there are a lot of Joe fans who put this relationship in the same category as Tasha Yar and Data on Star Trek:TNG.

You never tell me how you fe... well, anything actually.

I told them I only had the pencils because my inker Gary Erskine lives in Scotland, where he prints the pages on board and inks over blue lines to save IDW shipping costs- a standard practice for companies now-a-days. They said they wanted both and I contacted Gary to arrange this, I think that was around the end of April; I can’t be sure it was that long ago. We bounced emails, and we decided Gary would send me the inks (as I live in DC) to which I would add my art, then forward it all on to the collector who lives on the west coast. This sounded like a plan worthy of a rebel attack, but in execution we pulled it off like a clown parade. For one reason or another things kept getting in the way, from work loads and honest forgetfulness to the daily problems of life, something always made getting things organized darn near impossible. Until recently that is, when I got the package from Gary. Now it was on me to sprint for the finish line. I thought the fan had waited long enough and I didn’t want the delay to go on, but I felt I had to do two things –

A) Get it there in one piece

B) Pop in a little something extra for their patience in the matter

I decided to add a pencil drawing of Scarlet as a gift. I had done a sketch of her while playing around with my take on her costume, and decided to flesh it out completely and pass that along.

Seriously? Bring it. Have you SEEN the size of this gun?

I know the collector was all about the relationship between SE and Scarlet, so I threw in the little pic of SE on her shoulder. That was referencing back to how SE carried a picture of his kid sister with him for good luck while in Nam- at least that’s how it was in the classic series. So I had the sketch, but now how to get the package there in one piece?

You can stamp italian words like FRAGILE all over the place, but there’s no guarantee it’s going to help get something thru the mail in one piece. I think USPS workers only focus on one thing during their route- put mail in box- and however that’s accomplished is the only thing that matters. Antique china, glassware, Da Vinci’s lost paintings, the Holy Grail… doesn’t matter. If it’s physically possible to cram a 4′ box into a 6″ mail slot- it will be done. SO I decided to give them a reason not to do that.

In the old days of having more time on my hands, I’d always draw a little something on any package I was sending to family or friends. It was more for fun, but I noticed that the USPS guys seemed to take extra care with them. To the point the packages looked just as clean as when I sent them. Of course that was years ago, when people cared about stuff, but what the hell I decided it was worth a try. So out came the pencil, pens, and markers, and I went to town. It’s always the stuff you do on the fly that ends up being the “big” thing, so of course- this was the part of the package the fan got most excited about. :::sigh::: It’s like a baby or a cat, you buy a great toy, and all they want to play with is the box. As long as they’re happy.

You smell bacon?