She was different—

August 20, 2012

Another sad day. The great Phyllis Diller (1917-2012) has passed away.

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched Mad Monster Party, or listened to her song “You’re Different”, but they both still bring a smile to my face. If you don’t own the film, or worse haven’t seen it, I can’t recommend enough to buy it and watch it. It’s a great film for kids, with fun songs, and it’s animated by the Rankin & Bass studios— best known for their Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer cartoon. Mad Monster Party is even coming to Blu-ray at the beginning of September just in time for Halloween. This wasn’t the only great film Ms. Diller was in, and it would be a crime not to mention all her appearances on TV, especially Laugh-In; but Mad Monster Party was my favorite.

She was also an author, and years ago I stumbled across one of her books, “Phyllis Diller’s Marriage Manual” focused on her favorite comedic subject, her husband “Fang”. If you have the luck to find that in a second hand shop- grab it— it’s a riot.

Ms. Diller was a comedic force not to be ignored, and now upon her passing, I suggest we all take another look at her work. She was a hoot, and she will be missed. When I think of her, I’ll hear her laugh, and always picture her like this.




For anyone in the Richmond area over the Halloween weekend,  I’ll be appearing at the Virginia Comic Con, Oct. 29-30. The legendary Herb Trimpe will also be there, so I hope some of you Joe fans will drop by. Check out their website for a list of other creators and events!

Meanwhile, I’m also attempting to wrap my head around the thing that is Manga Studio. I’ve been frustrated by it in the past, but every now and then I get the courage to try and figure it out. I’ll admit, it was a post by the great Stuart Immonen that prompted this time out. Due to past experiences with Manga Studio, I decided to take baby steps this time, and just play with the basics. So for now, here’s a little sketch based on the beautiful Lindze of Cosplay fame.

Lastly, don’t forget, the Marla Bea Benefit auction starts in a little over a week, so drop by the site and see what’s available. This year Jason’s young daughter is putting up images for auction as well. I hope those of you who can, will pitch in, and bid on something; again it’s a great cause.