Episode 05

August 30, 2013

And now the conclusion to “Overreaction Theater”

OverReaction Theater_FNL_05

Episode 04

August 29, 2013

The pain continues in “Overreaction Theater”, episode 04…

OverReaction Theater_FNL_04

Episode 03

August 28, 2013

Like sands thru the hour glass, so fall the issues in “Overreaction Theater”…

OverReaction Theater_FNL_03

Episode 02

August 27, 2013

Our discussion continues with episode 02 of “Overreaction Theater”

OverReaction Theater_FNL_02

Episode 01

August 26, 2013

It’s time that we, as a society, finally have an open discussion about a medical condition so often ignored. One that cripples millions, and tears apart so many lives. There may be no cure, but often acknowledgement of an ailment is the first step to acceptance, and perhaps the chance to live a full life.

A Faneurysm is not a pretty thing to observe, and it strikes in comic shops all across the world, but it is in America that the condition is most often seen. This week alone, thousands of fans will be crippled, but you can help. Consider providing these poor individuals the opportunity to self medicate, supporting them emotionally, and helping them cope by telling them to… get a life.

So let us tune in for the first episode of “Overreaction Theater”

OverReaction Theater_FNL_01A

Tune in tomorrow for episode 02!