In honor of the 4th of July, the digital versions of my entire run on GI Joe:Real American Hero (up to issue 203) are currently on sale over at Comixology and thru IDW’s own app; both singles and collected trades! Time to stock up!




For those that are interested, there’s a 50% off sale at Comixology on a wide selection of GI Joe titles. Included are a few of my efforts for IDW, including my first work on the Joe-verse from the movie prequels for the first film

GIJ_Rise Cobra Prequels

…to the trade of Real American Hero (vol.02) that collects my early efforts with Larry Hama. Wow, those issues seem like a lifetime ago. 

And don’t forget (cause I won’t let you) that I’ll be at the Awesome Con in DC between April 20-21. They just added Nicholas Brendon (Xander) from TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer.






November 16, 2012

Robert Atkins Art, Chuck Dixon and I are half off! Sort of— the re-imagined G.I.Joe universe written by Chuck Dixon, and illustrated by Robert Atkins and myself. Like the lottery, let me recommend the numbers 7,8,9,10,11,12,18 &19… the rest are good too, but those are Galltastic! The thing I enjoy about this work is that the pages were colored over my scanned pencils, so this is about as close to my intended look for artwork as you can get from my Joe runs. Hopefully I’ve improved since then, but it’s still fun to look at for that reason alone. It’s only a three day sale- so buy, Buy, BUY!