Half the battle

April 8, 2009

In addition to the movie prequel for GI Joe, I’m also working on the regular series now. I’ll be on the book starting with issue 07, trying my best to uphold the standards set by Robert Atkins -who is doing a bang up job. (A nice guy and very helpful in getting me references of his unseen pages) When IDW originally approached me about doing Joe, I thought it was for the regular series, not the movie tie-in as it turned out to be. Having enjoyed the comics and cartoons as a kid, I focused my audition images (like the ones I did for MvA) on the original cartoon. I loved the Snake Eyes/ Storm Shadow relationship, as a personal battle taking place beneath the Joe/Cobra one, plus the almost comedic dynamic of Destro, Baroness, and Cobra Commander. Thinking back to it, I put some of that character development into these images. I just wanted to show the  original designs done in a contemporary approach, as I wasn’t looking to re-design, or re-interpret the costumes or characters. One alteration I did make was to model the Dreadnok “Buzzer” after Dale from King of the Hill, as it  just seemed a natural thing to me. Also, the quick observer will note that the image of Snake Eyes is part of my intro image, I’m just too lazy sometimes. 



This only prompted IDW to respond with a “Uh, no- we need to see how you’d draw the actors”- d’uh! So I quickly sketched the following. I haven’t seen the film or read the script so I tried to keep the images simple, with the focus on the actors. My Covergirl and Scarlett didn’t really blow them away, but thankfully they weren’t in any of the prequels. Although, when I tried to find references for the actors I noticed one thing, Sienna Miller must have some sort of allergy to clothing. Most of the pics I found of her on-line left little to the imagination. It makes me paraphrase a great line from Coupling- “What would I say to her if I ever meet her? Seen that… seen that!” Anyway, enjoy.