Hey gang,

As you make your plans for the holiday weekend, keep in mind, the rabbit doesn’t come out until Sunday. Sure, Friday is your last chance to chow down on that Catholic “vegetable” combo of fish-n-chips, but what else is there to look forward to this weekend?

AWESOME CON of course!

Awesome iCon


Not only will Billie Piper of Doctor Who, and Danai Gurira of the Walking Dead be there, but (especially for guys my age) the most important is that Erin Gray of Buck Rogers will be there! Two words… hubbah, hubbah!



But if that’s not enough to get your attention, then come by the show and wander about until you find me. I’ll be sitting there staring at the walls with books to sell, sketches to do (hopefully), and authorized nerd confab. You’ll also find Steve Conley selling his great comic Bloop, Carolyn Belefski selling her strip Curls, and the great cartoonist Steve Artley— come on, he’s got “art” in his name… what more do you need?