Up, up, up, and…

January 30, 2013

Not Superman, it’s Paper Man!

This is a Disney short that has been circling around in bits and pieces for a while. Now the complete cartoon is available online, and I seriously suggest everyone to check it out. I especially love how the texturing of the line work gives it that xeroxed drawing feel that 101 Dalmatians, Aristcats, and others from the late 60s had. It’s a simple, sweet, well timed, planned out short, and if you didn’t know you’d swear it was from the Pixar side of the family. Some will say it’s a prime example of the “CalArts” approach to animation, but I think all that really matters is that it’s good. At least I think so.

Enjoy— while it lasts. You know the Mouse, they’ll pull it, and put it back in their “vault” in no time. Another great steal from Cartoon Brew.

Bugs Bunny fun-

March 15, 2012

People argue over which director of animation is/was the best, and every opinion is valid; after all it comes down to your personal preference. I for one, am on Team Jones, and these videos of Chuck Jones sketching out classic characters makes me giddy with excitement. I love this stuff, and watching a master whip out images I’d give my big toe to own the originals of, is awe inspiring.

I didn’t “find” these so I’ll give credit where I can. The Chuck Jones stuff, my wife found via Gizmodo so I can’t take credit for the hunting and gathering at all.

Bugs Bunny

Daffy Duck

Porky Pig

My mom’s favorite- Pepe Le Pew

And my father-in-law’s faves- Coyote and Road Runner

Since I’m borrowing from other peoples efforts, the following is from one of my favorite sites Living Lines. They found this version of the classic “Hair-Raising Hare” (with the  first appearance of Gossamer) but the fun is, they’ve inserted the original storyboards where available. In it, you get to see the creative process in action, plus the subtle changes in the dialogue that were made for the final film. If you love the process of art, this is a real treat.


Animation— 2012

January 2, 2012

I’m looking forward to a few animated films this year, and even the wife is excited about some. From the Lorax adaptation (which she’s wanting to see) to the Pirates: Band of Misfits (From Aardman), of course almost everyone wants to see Pixar’s Brave (which apparently some idiot in the Atlanta Braves organization has issue with), and I’m even looking to the animated version of Frankenweenie from Tim Burton (which looks more like a mash up of the original film, Family Dog, and Vincent). One flick I found out about really caught my eye, it’s called “The Suicide Shop“, directed by Patrice LeConte (Hairdresser’s Husband).

Suicide Shop

The trailer will explain the plot, and honestly, it’s not the most fluid animation, it looks a bit “pasted-together-in-Flash” more than anything. But they’ve used drawings that are as elaborate as a Ronald Searle image, and that makes the film appear more fleshed out than I think it would have normally.

Is it double coupon day?

There’s something about this approach that really seems to work for it, so between that and the odd nature of the subject matter… I’m sold. There’s no American release date yet, but it’s scheduled for the spring. Keep your eyes open!

Oh, just hanging around.

A special thanks to Cartoon Brew for keeping me in the know— What? You think I’m smart enough to find this stuff on my own?