June Sketches 03—

June 24, 2013

This was weird. The National Portrait Museum/American Art Museum has a Tuesday program where you can come in, they give you drawing supplies, and you can sketch from the plaster casts that they have— it’s a traditional learning technique. Recently they did an expansion of that program and had a live model. It’s the same deal as the Tuesday session, but apparently this was a “one off”. They might do again, but not a weekly thing as I hoped it would be. One interesting point is that because it’s in a public space, the model had to be clothed. I’ve mentioned my desire for that before, but I would have pushed it more and had her in classical  robes looking all Roman/Greek or something. Oh well, it’s a start.

I went back to the toned paper for these, and both are 30 minute sketches.

Sketch June_2013_10

No she’s not floating, I just chose not to include the stool she was sitting on.




Sketch June_2013_11\

June Sketches 02—

June 21, 2013

Sadly, I found out this model is moving to the west coast. That bites, I enjoy drawing her. She recently started running a lot and it was fun to see how her body changed with the added exercise. She was never out of shape, but her form changed, with areas tightening up, and gaining tone. Stinks she’s leaving.

5 min—
Sketch June_2013_03

Sketch June_2013_02

I tried something new this time around. I recently got back from Charlotte Heroescon and was doing marker sketches on white paper. I had been working on toned paper so much that I was having a hard time making things look right. It’s easy to get lazy, knowing that the mid tone of the paper will carry a lot of weight for you, where in these the white of the paper is your base, not just something you add in later. In some ways they look better, in other ways, there’s no where to hide when you mess up. I like the second one the best.

20 min—

Sketch June_2013_04

Sketch June_2013_05

30 min—

Sketch June_2013_06

June Sketches_01

June 17, 2013

June sketches are in…

Couple minutes–

Sketch June_2013_00 Sketch June_2013_01

10 min—

Sketch June_2013_07

20 min—

Sketch June_2013_08

This was a 30 min., but she didn’t hear the timer go off and went for another 15. I kept going when I should have stopped and packed up, so I ended up overworking the face- ugh.

Sketch June_2013_09

May sketches-s01

May 15, 2013

All are marker over pencil with white chalk, except the last which was pencil and chalk only.








Pencil & chalk only, @30m—


Last drawing session of the month for me. New model, new challenges, but same old crap.

5 min—


10 min—


20 min— This one is on gray toned paper, with just graphite and white chalk.








This is 25 min— The rest of these are marker with white chalk on brown paper.


35 min— don’t like her mid section- in the drawing, not on her.


This was the last pose, and was supposed to be 55 min. Anyone who attends these art sessions knows that I work like a Japanese rail system, timed to the second. I had just started the to add white and do some blending in the last 10 minutes of this pose, when the gallery shut the whole thing down. Apparently we hit 9pm, end of session, time to turn off the lights. Who knew other artists watch the clock as much as I do? You can see I was working my way down thru the figure, so the legs got no attention at all.