Only three years, what’s the big deal?

January 23, 2014

Chris Sparks asked for a sketch with the original GI Joe:Real American Hero team playing poker, but even with not including all the members, that’s lot for a “sketch”. Regardless, I figured I had to do it for him, after all, this is the guy who introduced me to my comic idol Jackson Guice. A better reason is that he’s a good guy, who has become a good friend over the years while I pitched in on his efforts regarding Richard Thompson (Cul de Sac) and the Michael Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, most notably in putting together the “Draw a Line at Parkinson’s” book to raise funds for the cause.

Sadly, I’m a lazy arse, so poor Chris has been waiting three years for this thing… finally had the time to get to it. Whew!



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