June Sketches 03—

June 24, 2013

This was weird. The National Portrait Museum/American Art Museum has a Tuesday program where you can come in, they give you drawing supplies, and you can sketch from the plaster casts that they have— it’s a traditional learning technique. Recently they did an expansion of that program and had a live model. It’s the same deal as the Tuesday session, but apparently this was a “one off”. They might do again, but not a weekly thing as I hoped it would be. One interesting point is that because it’s in a public space, the model had to be clothed. I’ve mentioned my desire for that before, but I would have pushed it more and had her in classical  robes looking all Roman/Greek or something. Oh well, it’s a start.

I went back to the toned paper for these, and both are 30 minute sketches.

Sketch June_2013_10

No she’s not floating, I just chose not to include the stool she was sitting on.




Sketch June_2013_11\


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