June Sketches 02—

June 21, 2013

Sadly, I found out this model is moving to the west coast. That bites, I enjoy drawing her. She recently started running a lot and it was fun to see how her body changed with the added exercise. She was never out of shape, but her form changed, with areas tightening up, and gaining tone. Stinks she’s leaving.

5 min—
Sketch June_2013_03

Sketch June_2013_02

I tried something new this time around. I recently got back from Charlotte Heroescon and was doing marker sketches on white paper. I had been working on toned paper so much that I was having a hard time making things look right. It’s easy to get lazy, knowing that the mid tone of the paper will carry a lot of weight for you, where in these the white of the paper is your base, not just something you add in later. In some ways they look better, in other ways, there’s no where to hide when you mess up. I like the second one the best.

20 min—

Sketch June_2013_04

Sketch June_2013_05

30 min—

Sketch June_2013_06

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