June 12, 2013

If you follow animation, you know Disney let go most of their “traditional” animators… stupid. The logic was that 2D is dead, despite the level of success 2D still has on TV ::::cough/spongebob::::cough/gravityfalls::::::cough/adventuretime::::::: Perhaps Disney should consider the problem isn’t animation styles, but rather the fact that they always want to force a stupid musical number into every 2D film, something they don’t do in their Pixar styled cartoons…hmmm? Or it could be that the last few stories have stunk, and it has nothing to do with the animation at all?

Anyway, one of the animators that was laid off posted a pencil test he did for Wreck-it-Ralph. I’ve always been partial to the Disney cartoons that were done right after they developed the process of xeroxing drawings onto cells, because I love the feel it maintains of the original drawings. The sketchy quality, the constantly changing ticks, and without everything being so damn predictable in their movement, but what the hell do I know. Nothing apparently… as people so often tell me.

If you don’t see the video below visit the original article at Cartoon Brew where I found it, and read the article concerning the animator Nik Ranieri.

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