Last hurrah- April Sketches 2013

April 29, 2013

Last drawing session of the month for me. New model, new challenges, but same old crap.

5 min—


10 min—


20 min— This one is on gray toned paper, with just graphite and white chalk.








This is 25 min— The rest of these are marker with white chalk on brown paper.


35 min— don’t like her mid section- in the drawing, not on her.


This was the last pose, and was supposed to be 55 min. Anyone who attends these art sessions knows that I work like a Japanese rail system, timed to the second. I had just started the to add white and do some blending in the last 10 minutes of this pose, when the gallery shut the whole thing down. Apparently we hit 9pm, end of session, time to turn off the lights. Who knew other artists watch the clock as much as I do? You can see I was working my way down thru the figure, so the legs got no attention at all.


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