Deja view master- UPDATED

March 11, 2013

As you read this, I’ll have the unfortunate “honor” of being on DC jury duty, which to a freelance illustrator means— I won’t be making any money today, and I’ll risk loosing my house if I get on some crazy six week long trial. BUT- I submit the following for your enjoyment.

When I look up references to costumes for the various GI Joe characters, I tend to come across sketches people have done where they’ve redesign the costume, or the entire style of characters. Because search engines can be vague in their results, images that are on the same page as the items I’m looking for, tend to pop up. I’ll often find whacky redesigns of classic cartoon characters that I grew up with, or current shows that people feel like playing around with. On days I finish a page early, I’ll go have a coffee at the local shop, and doodle some redesigns myself. I’m not saying they’re better designs than the source material, or even as good for that matter; as that wasn’t the intention. It’s more about seeing a subject, style design, or character traits, in a different way. Here are a few I did recently,  see if you can guess who they are? Some are obvious, but the others may take a little guess work. If you get them all straight off… geek!

HINT: My head is an ecosystem.


HINT: It’s a page right out of history.

Redesign_Feb_2013_02 HINT: It’s not a bird. It’s not a bee.


UPDATE!: Here are a couple more—

Redesign_Mar_2013_01 Redesign_Mar_2013_02


And a few more… for some reason I really like the beady little eyes on everybody.

Redesign_Mar_2013_05 Redesign_Mar_2013_04 Redesign_Mar_2013_03


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