Ask and ye shall… regret.

March 4, 2013

No, I’m kidding. I mentioned in a recent post how I was wishing there would be a drawing session with a clothed model, and how I was also tired of always having the same body type in the drawing sessions. As the title says “Ask and ye shall…”, well, you know how the saying actually goes.

I don’t know if the model canceled at the eleventh hour and the replacement was late to arrive (due to such short notice or what), but to fill in for the first 30 min or so, one of the regulars modeled for a bunch of 3 min poses. This was a fun challenge, but I’ll admit my vision of this scenario didn’t involve an ex-hippie that reeked of cigarettes. The poses were fun, but even a few feet away… what are those? Marlboros? Lucky Strikes? Virginia Slims, maybe? Mmmmmmm, makes me want a greasy pork sandwich, served in a dirty ash tray.

Sketch_Feb_p02_Drape_02 Sketch_Feb_p02_Drape_01Sketch_Feb_p02_Drape_03Sketch_Feb_p02_Drape_05

Once the model arrived we did a few 1 minute gesture poses as well. I thought the feet on the first one turned out well; those are for you, G.

Sketch_Feb_p02_2013_01 Sketch_Feb_p02_2013_02

Then a couple of 3 minute poses.


Usually we go from gestures, to the previous 2-3 minute poses, then into 20 min poses, but that night the group head decided to do shorter, 10 min poses mixed in with the 20. The 10 min. pose was just long enough to make you attempt a finished drawing, but in reality they were just a little too short to pull that off for me. I think they came out ok, but you can see they didn’t quite the level of completion they needed. This first one worked best, as I focused on just her upper body- mainly because there was a chair covering her lower half.

Sketch_Feb_02_CLR_10m_01 Sketch_Feb_02_CLR_10m_02

This back shot, like the bust above, was a little easier on time, fewer details so I could focus on shading and highlights rather than details normally found on the front.


But we did get a couple of 20 min poses, you can see, they’re just a little bit more refined, with extra shading, and highlights.

Sketch_Feb_02_20m_01 Sketch_Feb_02_20m_02


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