The USPS in DC suuuuuucks!

February 13, 2013

Today I attempted to send a package to my friends in London (he’s from there, she’s from here), and as you may remember, when I send a package, I tend to put artwork on the front of them to encourage the mail carriers to treat them with a bit more respect. Apparently, that doesn’t extend to the jerks who work at the 1800 M St. branch of the postal service in DC; specifically to the thing behind the counter who looks like she ate Jabba the Hut, and is about as pleasant to talk to. According to her the USPS doesn’t like having “advertising” on the outside of packages, despite the countless boxes they deliver for and other businesses. After informing her that it was actually a “personalized greeting”, that I’ve mailed tons of packages from that specific branch (all of which have been decorated), and even recently a box of Twinkies to London (after the pastry company called it quits), but that no one has ever mentioned this “rule”, I was informed via a berating (I can only describe as “dog speak”) that “Yea, well things change!”. I’m so sure that’s how it’s referred to in USPS regulations, not by a code or anything.

I’m a little concerned that the people teaching USPS employees the difference between “hand drawn greetings” on the front of a package and “advertising”, are the same people teaching the security guards at the National Gallery the difference between “wet paint” and a “pencil”. I want to be there when that same clerk yells at a little girl, telling her that she can’t draw a flower on her package to her grandma in Paris, because it’s “advertising”. I would think if you worked in a place where you saw brown box, after brown box, and letter after letter, that something with the pic below would be a welcome diversion. Maybe that’s the issue? They’re too distracted? If that’s the case, then tell the thousands of mail carriers who take until 9pm to deliver the four pieces of junk mail I get (since no one sends cards and letters anymore) to remove the Borg phone implants and iPlugs out of their ears, get their job done, and to stop worrying about my drawings for mom. I seriously doubt that the financial problems of our postal system really come down to my “advertising” art.





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