She was different—

August 20, 2012

Another sad day. The great Phyllis Diller (1917-2012) has passed away.

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched Mad Monster Party, or listened to her song “You’re Different”, but they both still bring a smile to my face. If you don’t own the film, or worse haven’t seen it, I can’t recommend enough to buy it and watch it. It’s a great film for kids, with fun songs, and it’s animated by the Rankin & Bass studios— best known for their Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer cartoon. Mad Monster Party is even coming to Blu-ray at the beginning of September just in time for Halloween. This wasn’t the only great film Ms. Diller was in, and it would be a crime not to mention all her appearances on TV, especially Laugh-In; but Mad Monster Party was my favorite.

She was also an author, and years ago I stumbled across one of her books, “Phyllis Diller’s Marriage Manual” focused on her favorite comedic subject, her husband “Fang”. If you have the luck to find that in a second hand shop- grab it— it’s a riot.

Ms. Diller was a comedic force not to be ignored, and now upon her passing, I suggest we all take another look at her work. She was a hoot, and she will be missed. When I think of her, I’ll hear her laugh, and always picture her like this.




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