Live and learn

August 9, 2012

Most people in comics are familiar with the great 22-panels of Wally Wood—

I even have the pleasure of working with the guy who pasted the thing up :::ach-HAMA:::: sorry- had a cough there or something.

Well now Mark Waid and Jeremy Rock have put together a shorter (but planned to be longer?) version called “Mark Waid’s 4 panels that never work” which appeared on the blog “Gutters“. It’s a neat site, so check it out. If you’re too lazy, here’s the page, but trust me, there’s good stuff over there. I hope they do more as they’ve hinted at.

Good stuff, right up there with Eric Powell’s recent Goon issue going off on the industry about its inability to move past clichés.  If you don’t have it, find it!





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