Previously on StarJoes—

April 23, 2012

Recently I had the pleasure of being a guest on the podcast “StarJoes“, talking to Ryan and Chuck. They were great fun, very kind to me, and gave me more than enough rope to hang myself. No one likes how their voice sounds, although some people love the sound of their own voice- a paradox, I know. Hopefully mine won’t drive people away screaming, and if you can put up with it, maybe you’ll sit thru the bits of me babbling on and on.

I would like to correct one thing in the podcast. At the time I couldn’t remember the crazy, comic creating, cowboy brothers I mentioned, but it’s supposed to be the Fillbach Bros. Oh man, my head still aches from that party.

Anyway, the podcast was great fun, so my thanks to the guys over at StarJoes and a shout out to the father-son team of Jon and Jacob Thurmond for putting us in touch.


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