Animation— 2012

January 2, 2012

I’m looking forward to a few animated films this year, and even the wife is excited about some. From the Lorax adaptation (which she’s wanting to see) to the Pirates: Band of Misfits (From Aardman), of course almost everyone wants to see Pixar’s Brave (which apparently some idiot in the Atlanta Braves organization has issue with), and I’m even looking to the animated version of Frankenweenie from Tim Burton (which looks more like a mash up of the original film, Family Dog, and Vincent). One flick I found out about really caught my eye, it’s called “The Suicide Shop“, directed by Patrice LeConte (Hairdresser’s Husband).

Suicide Shop

The trailer will explain the plot, and honestly, it’s not the most fluid animation, it looks a bit “pasted-together-in-Flash” more than anything. But they’ve used drawings that are as elaborate as a Ronald Searle image, and that makes the film appear more fleshed out than I think it would have normally.

Is it double coupon day?

There’s something about this approach that really seems to work for it, so between that and the odd nature of the subject matter… I’m sold. There’s no American release date yet, but it’s scheduled for the spring. Keep your eyes open!

Oh, just hanging around.

A special thanks to Cartoon Brew for keeping me in the know— What? You think I’m smart enough to find this stuff on my own?


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