Marla Bea Benefit Auction 2011 is Go!

October 12, 2011

OK gang, here are my images for the Marla Bea Benefit Auction for 2011. Remember, this is the last year for the auction for a while, as Jason is putting it on hold in 2012. If you can, please bid, often, and generously. It’s a great cause, and one we should all support.

As I promised, here are the wash versions of my sketches. To bid, and see more, check out the Marla Bea Benefit site.

Lady Jaye—

Lady Jaye final art

… And the group shot of Scarlet, Lady Jay, and Cover Girl!

Fashionistas! The lot of 'em!

Again, please bid for a great cause!


I didn’t know it before, but there’s even MORE reason for Joe fans to make the trek to the VA Comic Con. Not only will Herb Trimpe be there, but the legendary Larry Hama will be attending as well! As far as I know we’ll all be sitting together and the three of us will be doing a panel on the Hamaverse of Joe! I don’t know of any other time the three of us will be together again, so stack those books, and (as they used to say on the Price is Right) “come on down”!

One Response to “Marla Bea Benefit Auction 2011 is Go!”

  1. Shane said

    I am happy to report that I have added your Lady jaye art to the Scarlett I won last year! Thanks Shannon!

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