Something for the Dads-

March 21, 2011

Double whammy this week-

Here’s the envelope art that went along with my charity sketch for the recently mentioned “Cran the Man” auction. Don’t know if they saved it, but perhaps the winning purchase will get it as a bonus? If not- sorry- I have no control over that.




This was about 3″ tall, so you’re seeing it slightly larger than actual size.

Also, here’s the first cover I’ve done for the classic series. I wanted to give it a classic “pulp” feel, I hope it worked to some extent. If it makes fans happy to know– this is a BWS-free issue! 🙂

Hubba hubba

Here it is, sans text –

Who dat?

Here are the original pencils from that cover…

The first draft was a slightly more risqué version. Uh- I need a minute... alone.

As some of you may or may not know, the little “x”s that you see in the cover are indications for inkers to fill those areas in with solid black. It’s partly a time saver for me, but traditionally it also helped to keep brushes/quills from getting clogged with graphite while trying to ink over shaded pencils. The last bit doesn’t apply to us, since Gary is in Scotland where he prints out a copy of the image onto a board then inks that. He never sees the actual pencil in person, so there’s no risk of ruining his pens with graphite gunk, no possibility of losing the image in transit, or of it getting damaged in the journey. That’s the benefit and loss of modern comic making.

I don’t know how apparent it is, maybe I missed the mark, but the cobra sigil is supposed to be visible in the flames of the fireplace. I thought is was worth a shot. Gary and James worked really hard on this with me, for as with most covers, this was on a tight deadline. Hope everyone enjoys it.

Have a great week everyone.

4 Responses to “Something for the Dads-”

  1. 10 out of 10 hetero dudes agree the pencils are way hotter. Also, that logo changes the whole image for me because I can’t see Destro behind it. Without the logo, she isn’t there for the viewer, she’s there for Destro. Man, that really changes it up. Amazing job on all the touches, including the fiery Cobra sigil.

  2. joanie said

    Cool! I love all the details in the fireplace. Too bad the text cut out evil dude’s head. Was this your first cover?

  3. I love the knife and guns on the mantle, and the carved Cobra Commander head! Ha

    Great details and a good humorous touch.

  4. coco said

    The colorist absolutely butchers your beautiful art.

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