Squirrel Woman

January 28, 2011

One of my editors in London asked that I do a sketch for her mother’s Birthday, so of course I couldn’t say no; that would be an affront to moms everywhere! We went back and forth on the theme and eventually decided to do an image about how she’s always fighting squirrels in her yard. Since her mother lives in Scotland, and I’m an uneducated colonial, I wanted to dress her up in all the clichés I think of when Scotland comes to mind. Drawing her mom like this, however, would have been inappropriate.

Instead, we went with the classic super hero, so out were my suggestions of an M-60 assault rifle, or even the Elmer Fudd hat and gun. Of course I was in the middle of a deadline on G.I. Joe, so I had to quickly crank out the pencils for approval.Originally I had a classic “S” on her torso, for Squirrel Woman, but we changed it to a “D” considering this mom’s name starts with one.

I only had the weekend to do this, so I slapped on some ink.

You may ask, why I didn’t fill in “space” with a solid wash of black ink? I wanted the image to remain fairly light, and full ink (although pretty in printed form) wouldn’t look as nice in the original. Since this was a gift, I wanted it to be a little more upbeat than the look solid ink would provide. Deep cool grays, they have a similar nature of space, but without the downer factor. I also thought the wash of the gray gave it an etherial look, which I liked.

But now the biggest problem– what colors should I use for her costume? I already had blue in the earth, and the cool grays always have a bluish nature to them (as noted last post). If you read this blog, you know that red is the one color that all markers tend to oversaturate, so what to do? I know it’s not the most popular color combo among heroes, but I took a chance. I wanted the costume to POP off the page, still feel feminine, but be a nice color combo. Hope it worked.

Plop in a few stars, some highlights, a little touch up on outlines and wham-o, done.

Happy Birthday. 🙂


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