More Christmas cheer-

January 17, 2011

One of my dearest, and oldest friends, asked me for one thing this Christmas- a Robin vs Kato sketch. He’s not a Bruce Lee fan or anything, but he loves the old shows. He wanted an image that reflected the episode where Kato and Robin fight, but he didn’t want there to appear to be any clear winner. I know a bunch of you will start screaming about Bruce Lee and how he could have busted ole Burt Ward a good one, but we’re not talking about them, we’re talking about the fictional personas of Robin and Kato. So deal.

Here are the pencils for the image.

Pencil pages, pencil pages...

And here are the inks. I left out the star burst because I wanted it to be screened back, so it only got a marker treatment and not a harsh outline.

Slap a little black in there!

I’m starting to finally see what it is that Adam Hughes does with his various gray washes that imply color. The cool grays, warm, neutral, etc… that I always known have certain properties of color, actually have enough of a tint to give the viewer the feel of a full color range without weighing down the image in a complete spectrum. Additionally, doing things this way, doesn’t require massive amounts of effort that a full color image would need. You can see how not giving the star burst a hard outline makes the figures pop a bit more. Here’s the final marker version.

Paint the mutha pink!

I thought I was being so clever with the tagline, partly talking about their roles on the series, but also because Kato is throwing a kick (granted it’s a reverse roundhouse).  It wasn’t until the last couple of days that I realized I accidentally stole the line from the upcoming Young Justice series on Cartoon Network. Since Robin is in that show anyway, I don’t feel so bad.


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